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22769 - Backyard Patio for the Gacha Garden : May 2018

22769 - Backyard Patio for the Gacha Garden : May 2018
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On May 1st, 2018 the Gacha fairys return for a new edition of the Gacha Garden.
The Backyard Patio Gacha Set will be available at the fairground.
Like all editions before - automatically the Seed of Inspiration is delivered to you with your 20th Play.
Lets have a look at the 17 Items that can be won by playing the 22769 - Backyard Patio Gacha Machine:

The Backyard Patio - LI 26 - 7,6 x 6,8 x 7,6 meters
Patio Rattan Couch - LI 9 - 14 single- and 8 couple sit animations

Rattan Pouf - LI 1 - 11 single animation
Stone Cups* - LI 1
Seahorse Figurine* - LI 1
Patio Rug* - LI 4
Moss Bowl* - LI 1
Patio Table* - LI 2
Amphore with Holder* - LI 1
Amphore with Bowstring Hemp* - LI 3
Amphore with Armillary Sphere* - LI 2
Paper Lantern* - LI1
Paper Ball* - LI3
Small Stormlight* - LI 1
Leather Plate* - LI 5
Leather FlipFlops* - LI 2
Garden Magazin* - LI 1

The Backyard Patio Seed of Inspiration Item (will retiered after Mays edition of Gacha Garden):

Roofed Wicker Chair - LI 5 - 10 single- and 6 couple sit animations

Items marked with *(asterix) are decoration only items.

All items are original creator mesh, with materials enabled.

Next Owner permissions on all items are no-copy, mod**, trans

** used scripts and animations may have different permissions.

We provide the SLurl to the fairground - but please keep in mind - that the venue won't open to public before May 1st, 2018.

SLurl to the Gacha Garden:

A Preview can be found at the 22769 Inworld Store Location here:

Gacha is a Game of Luck for every pull (50L$) at the provided Gacha Machine you will get a randomly selected item from the list above in return.
Date: 2018-04-30 14:59:35

roofed wicker chair summer outdoor furniture rattan rattan furniture 22769 22769 - Bauwerk bauwerk stone cups backyard patio building seahorse statue amphore bowstring hemph moss bowl outdoor decoration table pouf rattan pouf the gacha garden tgg gacha paper lamps papaer lights lantern stormlight candle Paco Pooley

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